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You have likely heard of the expression "six degrees of separation".  Well, here at the CNC Community we have created a professional business networking community where everyone is within two degrees of separation.  This offers our members a tight knit trusted community that is committed to helping everyone succeed.  With extremely query tools and over 250 search fields to draw from you are assured to find everyone and everything you need.  Not only can we share expertise but we can all band together to help promote our individual brands.

CNC Community is The Best Of The Best ...

The premise of this tight knit online business professional community is to gather the best of the best connections from each member.  Since we have all worked with some amazing people I thought it would be interesting to bring them all together.  As the founder, I am inviting 25 of my best connections to join.  Once they join they are asked to invite 2-5 of their best connections.  At this point the plan is to stop at three levels deep. There are actually many incredible ways we can help each other, many of which you may not have thought of.  There definitely is power in numbers as you will soon find out!  

First  Degree Networking

The beauty of this powerful business networking community is everyone is a trusted first degree connection of one of the founding members so while the numbers may seem low, the quality of connection is very high!  .

Mastermind Groups

Imagine being part of a select 6-8 person mastermind group where members can talk safely about their challegesand receive impartial advice..  Accountability is a must for all participants!

Tools & Resources

As a member of the Career Network Club Networking Community you will receive free access to our 100 course traning centre, our 500+ book learning library, our 250+ recruiter connect database, and access to your own 360 Degree Career Assessment.

LinkedIn On Steroids

Nothing will compare to the powerful query tools built into the Career Network Club  community.  With over over 250 search fields we have thought of everything.  If not, we canadd it in seconds.  No stone will be left unturned.

We welcome Recruiters and Coaches referred by our members

We are proud to welcome all Executive Recruiters and Coaches (Career, Life, and Leadership) who have been referred to our community by our members.  Our goal is to make  the CNC Community a place of giving, helping, learning and growing.  It's what happens naturally when great people come together.

Referral Partners 

Our referral partners are hand picked outsourcers available to be contracted as you need.  All referral partners work with CNC as their contractor of choice,  All referral partners charge out at $20 CDN an hour. Those partners marked with a * charge more than the $20 stated.  CNC does not collect any comission from them (or you!)

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